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"Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me -- watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly."

Words of Jesus in Matthew 11:28-30, THE MESSAGE BIBLE (Eugene Peterson)

37 South Jackson Street
Woodbury, NJ 08096

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  Rev. Dr. Carla A. Romarate-Knipel  


““The people brought little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked them.
Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’ When he placed his hands on them, he went from there.” - Matthew 19:13-15

“One of my earliest childhood memories was attending the Sunday School class for preschoolers at RoseLund, one of the homes that our American Baptist missionaries lived in when they were assigned to serve at Central Philippine University in Iloilo City, Philippines. It was in this class where I first learned songs like, “Jesus Loves Me This I Know” and “Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World.” For some reason I can’t remember the name of our Sunday School teacher, but I do remember many of the Bible stories she told. One of them was the story of Jesus scolding the grown-up disciples for stopping the parents from bringing their kids to Jesus to be blessed. I didn’t really think much of it then, except that it was nice to know that Jesus did care for kids like me and was never too busy to bless them. As I got older, and when I started teaching Sunday School, I realized how important it is to re-read this Bible story often and be reminded that leading children and their families to Jesus to be blessed, is HIGH in GOD’S LIST.

This year 2019, I invite our CBC family to join our ABCUSA family in re-reading this story from Matthew’s gospel and let it be our inspiration in doing God’s ministry in the name of Jesus. Let us unite in prayer and action as we seek to fulfill God’s mission of making disciples of all nations, starting right here in 37 South Jackson Street, Woodbury. Below are the CBC annual theme and monthly focus for 2019. Please be in prayer for God’s wisdom and direction as we work together to fulfill Christ’s command.

CBC Annual Theme 2019: “Leading Children and Families to Jesus” Scriptural Basis: Matthew 19:13-15

Monthly Focus:

  • January:Leading Children and Families to Jesus thru Prayer
  • February: Leading Children and Families to Jesus thru Friendships
  • March: Leading Children and Families to Jesus thru Spiritual Exercises
  • April: Leading Children and Families to Jesus in Living with Resurrection Power
  • May: Leading Children and Families to Jesus thru Growing our Spiritual Gifts
  • June: Leading Children and Families to Jesus in Serving our Community
  • July: Leading Children and Families to Jesus in Honoring God’s Gift of Rest
  • August: Leading Children and Families to Jesus thru our Baptist Heritage
  • September: Leading Children and Families to Jesus in Making Disciples
  • October: Leading Children and Families to Jesus to do God’s Mission
  • November: Leading Children and Families to Jesus in Caring for God’s Gifts
  • December: Leading Children and Families to Jesus in Celebrating Advent and Christmas

Praying that you and yours will be filled with God’s blessings of love, joy at work and rest, this 2019 and beyond!

Have a Healthy and Peace-filled 2019!

Yours in Christ’s Love,






JANUARY Main Theme:Child-Friendly Faith Formation

Focus:Leading Children and Families to Jesus thru Prayer

Opening Exercises: 9am

Sunday School Classes: 9:15am

Morning Worship Service: 10:30am


Dear CBC Family,

Thank you very much for your Christmas cards, your generous gifts, and your loving support through your presence, prayers and service in the past year. Looking forward to loving and serving the Lord with you throughout the New Year and beyond. - Love in Christ, - Pastor Carla and Family



Tuesdays and Thursdays: 10am. to 2 pm. * Please contact Pastor for appointments at other hours as necessary.


If there is an EMERGENCY in your family or you know of a need please call at any time:

  • Pastor Carla (610-659-0314)or Parsonage (856-579-4767)
  • Heidi Louis, Moderator (856-371-8791)
  • Pat Moore (856-430-0685)







Home Bible Studies:


Meet on Sunday, January 13th @ 7:30am at the Piston Diner. Any questions, please call Don @ 856-845-3959.

ABW (AMERICAN BAPTIST WOMEN) - will meet on Monday, January 21st @ 7pm. at the home of Roxanne Long.


will meet January 9th, 7pm. at the home of Bill and Dot Sutton. Any questions please see Judy Sanderson. Thank you

Church Council Meeting

Thursday, January 17th @ 7pm. in the Adult Sunday School Classroom. All are invited to attend.




In order to help you keep up with recent announcements and the focus of our Worship Service, on any Sunday that you are unable to attend church, please feel free to contact any of us to send you a copy of the bulletin and any inserts that might have been included. Joan Moyer, Chair, Email: moyerjb@msn.com, or Corann Okorodudu, V. Chair: Email: okorodudu@rowan.edu




What could be more fun than cozying up with a good book in this Christmas Season? Come and visit our library and check out a book and give yourself a chance to sit and relax for an evening!



The Greater Woodbury Cooperative Ministries Food Bank, located at the Seventh Day Adventist Church on the corner of South Barber and Evergreen Avenues, is collecting food and household goods. Please donate food and/or non-perishables to the Food Bank, and they will joyfully take them. If you are able to purchase extra while out shopping, please bring to the Food Bank, from 9:30am to 11:30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or please put them in the box in the Narthex. ** Also, remember that you can make a monetary donation to the Food Bank, and they will purchase the much needed food.



PRAYER REQUESTS- Please do not hesitate to call with any requests for prayer. Contact Diane Bradley or the church office to start the Prayer Chain.






I know many of you were wondering if I had forgotten. Well, I haven’t. Back in October, I had promised to provide a tutorial on “factorial” (a math term), and chromatic (a music term), when I discussed English Handbells. Some of you are wondering why I would do either; and the simple answer is, because I want to. If you have no interest in either, then why are you still reading?

Factorial first. Indicated by an exclamation mark, factorial involves multiplying the first number in the series by all the descending integers down to 1. (Ah yes, an integer. Basically, all digits 1,2,3,4, etc.)

The number in discussion October was 4! , that’s 4X3X2X1=24. 5! would be 5X4X3X2X1=120. Referring back to the handbells, if you were change ringing all possible combinations of 5 handbells (you do remember about this, don’t you?), it would be 120 sequences ringing each of the 5 bells. Still with me? Factorial comes into use in probability and statistics. Should I go on?

Then on to chromatic… There are twelve different pitches in our diatonic scale. They are the 7 white notes on a piano (the ‘naturals’: C-D-E-F-G-A-B, then the pattern repeats) and the 5 black notes: C#-D#-F#-G#-A# (the ‘#’ sign being a ‘sharp’, not a hashtag!), which also comprise the “pentatonic” scale (penta for five, as in pentagon).

But, wait, some of you are saying. What about the flats, signified by a ‘b’? Well, the flats and the sharps are “enharmonic”, meaning there are two ways to name a single note on the piano. For example, C# and Db play the same note on the piano. Orchestral musicians will tell you there’s a difference in the two notes, but for keyboardists, there is no difference. (However, if you’re interested, I could discuss how ‘Flat’ key signatures and ‘Sharp’ key signatures affect the “mood” of a piece. – Perhaps next month, if my wife doesn’t shoot me first.)

A chromatic scale uses all 12 pitches in the scale: C-C#(or Db)-D-D#(or Eb)-E-F-F#(or Gb)-G-G#(or Ab)-A-A#(orBb)-B, then back to ‘C’ an octave higher. (Oh, the follow-up articles: the circle of 5ths & 4ths, key signatures, double sharps & flats, ½ steps & whole steps, the list is endless.)

When I check how the pitch on the organ is holding up, I first play a chromatic scale, from the bottom of the keyboard to the top: 61 notes. (Why 61, you ask? Another article?) This shows me if all pipes are playing, and if any of them have real difficulties other than a bit out of tune.

So there you have it. Most of you are now ready to audition for the Philadelphia Orchestra. Good luck! For those of you still conscious and not lying on the floor drooling, I hope this has been interesting, if not particularly useful.

Wishing you a blest and melodious 2019.

Boyd Fox, Music Director




Anyone interested in joining us, we will be meeting on Thursday January 3th and January 10th and January 31st, in the Lower Fellowship Hall at 5pm. Any questions please see Boyd Fox.




CBC Family: Anyone interested in contributing financially towards the cost of snow removal for the upcoming winter for the church, please mark your envelope accordingly so that is goes into the correct fund. Thank you!!



From My Ears to Yours

In a recent sermon, Pastor Carla shared a very helpful prayer for relieving stress. The funny thing is, I’m sure I read it somewhere before she shared it in worship. I’ll have to ask her.

Anyway, I read that God was concerned about how bad conditions on earth had become. Deciding to investigate further, God sent his angel to see, firsthand, how bad things were. The angel returned and told God, “It’s bad. 95% of the people on earth are not good!”

God couldn’t believe his ears. So he sent another angel to get his input. Upon returning, the angel reported, “It’s true – 95% of earth’s inhabitants are not good.”

God was almost in a panic. He called his most trusted angel, Gabriel, and told him, “I want you to investigate how bad things are on the earth.”

Now Gabriel is a pretty up-to-date dude. He thought to himself, “If you really want to know what people are doing, you need to use the media.” So Gabriel sent an email to every person on the planet, and do you know what it said?”

Oh… you didn’t get the email either!?!

As we begin a new calendar year, I was considering New Year’s resolutions. It seems each year fewer and fewer people make them, and most who do aren’t keeping them beyond January.

So I was reading about how to make “A New You for a New Year.” It stated that permanent change comes from within, outward change is only temporary. (Perhaps that’s why diets don’t seem to work for me – I don’t want to eat less.) It also advised me that I will need continual reinforcement from others and from God.

I share these steps with you in the hope that you may find some value in any or all of them:

  1. Know your priorities. What if I sought God’s guidance before I say or do something, rather than afterwards, when I need help to get myself out of the mess I’ve created.
  2. Know your plan. Be open-minded about the future, closed-minded about the past (don’t let yesterday’s failures cripple you today), and be single-minded about the present.
  3. Change your attitude. I don’t know what the new year holds, for you, or for me. But I do know three things:
    • I know that God is sovereign.
    • I know that God holds the future.
    • I know that God loves me, unconditionally, and will be with me through everything.

Wishing you a blessed, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

Chubby (your church-mouse-in-residence)




By the time you read these words, we will be deep into winter (hopefully not deep in snow.) Winter is a good time to have naps and to curl up in your favorite chair, sip a cup of hot tea (or coffee) and read a good book. One book I found in our church library that would be a great winter read is entitled, Snow Falling on Snow: Themes from the Spiritual Landscape by Robert J. Wicks. I have read one of Mr. Wick’s books on the spiritual journey after age 50, and found it inspiring. So I was glad to find this book to read on one of those winter nights when snow is falling and the only place to be is home.

Snow has always filled me with wonder and awe. When I was growing up in the Philippines, where we only had the dry and rainy seasons, I longed for the day when I could see, touch and even taste snow! I finally did in 1997, in Holland, Michigan. It was an enchanting and thrilling experience that I will always remember. Robert J. Wick captured what I felt in his poem, “Snow Falling on Snow.” Here are excerpts from Mr. Wick’s poem:

Outside the snow is swirling,
the wind is whooshing
and the tree branches scratching
against the house
wanting to come in.

Then in the spaces in between, when the wind is forgotten
and all is quiet...
I open my heart
to listen.

And as I hear the peaceful sound of snow falling on snow,
my soul slowly softens...
and my worries retreat
to the edges of my room.

Such beautiful words to describe the wonder of snow falling on snow. Perhaps these words can be an invitation to sit for a moment and listen to your heart, and perhaps hear the whoosh of angel’s wings, and God’s soft whisper: “I love you, my child.”





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